Kirk Swan

Links to friends, in no particular order of importance

Blue Rose Records -- My European label and home of many fine artists and friends such as Steve Wynn, Russ Tolman, Continental Drifters, Schramms

Home of Fireproof studios in Brooklyn, NY. where I recorded "It's About Time". Owned and operated by Adam "Red" Lasus, who co-produced "It's About Time". All around great guy and fantastic engineer/producer whose credits include Mark Mulcahy, Dumptruck, Yo La Tengo, Julianna Hatfield, Chris Harford, and many others.
     Uttered the following words one very late night working on It's About Time. "Hey, I was mixing on a tiny, little Mackie in the womb"

Mezzotint -- Label home to Mark Mulcahy, Polaris, and Miracle Legion. Run by long time friend, original Dumptruck drummer, and very original and talented singer, songwriter Mark Mulcahy.

Dumptuck -- The band Seth Tiven and I began in 1983 and which I put out two records with, D is For and Positively. After my departure Seth continued on with a number of fine records, the latest being "lemmings travel to the sea" which includes a bonus c.d. comprised of live material recorded at the one and only CBGB's and features Spike Priggen and yours truly.

Home of John Wesley Harding, good friend, fantastic singer-songwriter and man with a penchant for chronic wit. I also happen to be a full-fledged member of Wes' touring band "the Radical Gentlemen" .

Robert Lloyd has one of the best tour diaries going.

Home to Steve Wynn, long time friend, ex-label mate from his Dream Syndicate days and my Dumptruck days. Though we didn't know eachother at the time of label- sharing we would become friends, I would tour extensively with him, and he would co-produce "It's About Time". A truly original songsmith and a man with a love of cuisine, not always "fine" however.

Russ Tolman and I met back when he was in True West and I was in Dumptruck. We played a couple shows back East and though he doesn't remember much of the shows I remembered him as he was the only one in his band that spoke a word to us. I've played guitar for Russ on a number of tours and on the record "Sweet Spot". He's put out many fine solo records since his True West days, all approached in very different and original ways.

Chris Harford -- Another gentleman I've known since my Boston, Dumptuck days. A truly remarkable singer songwriter with a beautiful, unique voice.

Ron Sexsmith -- One of my favorite contemporary singer-songwriters. Has a hauntingly sweet, beautiful voice and songwriting style that hints of classics but sounds in no way anachronistic.

Chuck Prophet -- Ex-Green on Red guitar slinger turned singer-songwriter who's put out five remarkable solo records.

Home to Chris Von Sneidern, San Francisco pop-genius, singer-songwriter, producer, and fellow Radical Gentlemen band member.